How will Princess Leia die in the next ‘Star Wars’Image Source:

Last year, Carrie Fisher, the actress who played Princess Leia Organa in the original Star Wars trilogy passed away due to sleep apnea. She was 60 years old.

A year prior she passed away, she revisited her role as Leia in Star War: The Force Awakens, the first of the planned sequel trilogy. Fisher’s character played another major role in the saga. However she died just months after she finished shooting all her scenes for part two. That left the producers to decide what to do with her character’s fate.

After hearing of the news of Fisher’s death, Rian Johnson, the director for part two of the trilogy (later titled The Last Jedi), decided not to change anything in the script and leave Leia’s scenes intact. In The Last Jedi, Leia didn’t die which means she would survive in the next movie. But now the actor has died, what will they do with her character?

It’s very simple. They will kill Leia (because not even CGI-Carrie Fisher can replace her), but they will not show it on screen. Her death could simply play out in the third film’s opening crawl. But these are all still speculations. The script for the next Star Wars film hasn’t been written yet so anything can be possible.