Taylor Swift has already sold almost half a million copiesImage Source: corporate.target.com

The pre-sale units for Taylor Swift’s upcoming sixth album (Reputation) have already accumulated at least 400,000 copies sold. That’s double the amount of the pre-sale unit for Swift’s previous album 1989, which went on to become the fastest selling album in a decade. With Reputation’s early success so far, critics and analysts expect it to be a fast-rising hit.

The Pre-orders for Reputation  have already been placed at both physical and online music stores like Target, Walmart, Amazon, iTunes and Swift’s own website for months. Target ever confirmed that ‘Reputation’ is its largest music pre-sale ever in their history.

Taylor Swift has already released at least 3 singles off the album so far. The latest of which is Call it What You Want. You can listen to the song below.

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