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The Stranger Things universe has a lot of references to classic horror stories especially those from 80’s horror films and from the stories by horror author Stephen King. Fans pointed out many of these references, and some even noticed how parts of the story in Stranger Things parallel with tales from the genius mind of Stephen King.

Now, people believe that these “parallels” have been secretly incorporated in Stranger Things, especially in Season 2, all along. Here are the evidences.  

The Duffer Brothers, who created the Stranger Things series are big Stephen King fans, and so it’s no surprise that they would reference some of the author’s stories into the series, especially King’s story IT – a story about an evil clown that terrorize the town. IT was recently adapted into film this year and was a blockbuster and one of the must-see movies of 2017.

With those considered, fans speculate that Stranger Things could exist in the same universe as IT - with evidence surrounding heavily around the Season 2 character Bob Newby (played by Sean Astin).

Fans pointed out that Bob’s background has similarities on the twisted tale of Stephen King’s IT.  As Bob tries to give Will advice about overcoming fear, he uses a childhood story about having nightmares about a clown who would repeatedly haunt him. He impersonated the clown using a voice that sounded very similar to Pennywise while even using a line about wanting a balloon.

There are other more evidences that you could find out for yourself.

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