microphones used by Nirvana in 1993 are for saleImage Source: billboard.com

Yesterday, with the blessing of Nirvana's surviving members Dave Grohl, Pat Smear and Krist Novoselic, the microphones used during the recording sessions of the Nirvana album In Utero in 1993 are now up for auction. Nirvana producer Steve Albini started the auction just yesterday, on the album’s 24th anniversary.

“These microphones were brought with me and used on the Nirvana ‘In Utero’ record and they were immortalised in a photograph that appeared in a (20th) anniversary reissue of the album,’ he says in the below video.

“Since that photograph came out, these microphones have become historical artefacts. As soon as I was aware that these things have become important and significant and valuable, I had to take them out of circulation in the studio.”

Watch the video below and learn how to buy these valuable microphones;

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