Ed Sheeran keeping teddy bearsImage Source: mirror.co.uk

Last weekend, Ed Sheeran appeared on the Graham Norton Show where he declared it “such an embarrassing interview”.

Speaking on Norton’s famous red sofa, Sheeran explained that he celebrated his latest album, ‘÷‘ going to number one by purchasing a toy; a Lego Death Star model.

“Any good parent will know, if a kid wants a Lego set you buy them the small one, you don’t buy them the big one that’s like £359,” he explained.  “When my album went to number one, I was passing the Lego store and saw the big Death Star, and I thought – ‘Do you know what? It’s time.'”

Sheeran described himself as a “big kid” and he told Norton the many things he bought from the toy store since becoming a millionaire recording artist. “I went to go buy my goddaughter a Ninja Turtle toy for her birthday, and I was in the Ninja Turtle section, and there was this huge Ninja Turtle truck. I was looking at the small toy I got for her and looking at the truck, and I was like ‘I’m getting that for me.”

The English singer revealed that he has plenty of “childish stuff in [his] house” and that he has “a room full of teddy bears”. Sheeran cringed after realizing what he has said; saying “This is such an embarrassing interview.”

Watch Ed Sheeran’s full interview from the Graham Norton Show below;

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