Ed Sheeran deletes his Twitter accountImage Source:popbuzz.com

Fans claim that Sheeran distracted them from the immersion and that his presence made them feel like they were watching one of his music videos.

After guest appearing on the season 7 premiere of Game of Thrones, some of the show’s fans did not take Ed Sheeran’s cameo performance positively.

The singer appeared on the episode as one of the young Lannister soldiers taking rest in the forest. He was singing a folk tune when Arya Stark stopped to talk with the singer and his companions.

Sheeran was criticised for his performance.  Some fans thought his singing distracted them from the immersion. One person even complained at how he couldn’t escape Sheeran’s music. Read them below.

Now, it seems that Ed Sheeran has deleted his Twitter account only hours after the series of criticisms. But to be fair, the singer did promise to delete his account months before the Game of Thrones episode aired.

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