Miley Cyrus reveals why quit smoking weedImage

“I had a dream that I would die live on TV”

During Miley Cyrus’ guest appearance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the controversial singer explained to the late night host why she stopped smoking marijuana.

Miley Cyrus is currently promoting her upcoming sixth studio album – which has yet to be named and whose official release date has yet to be announced – by sharing its lead single, ‘Malibu’.

The singer previously stated in recent interviews that she gave up smoking weed while recording the new album. Talking to Jimmy Fallon last week, the singer explained further, “I kept having this nightmare, it was seriously horrible. I had this dream that I would die during my monologue on SNL for some reason.

“That I would just get so stoned that I just died. Which I Googled, and that’s never happened. No-one’s ever died from weed, but no-one has ever smoked as much as I did, so they don’t really know [if it’s possible].”

Watch her say that below.

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