Harper Joins Foo Fighters on DrumsImage Source:popcrush.com

8-year old Harper Grohl was summoned by his rock star dad on stage.

Last Friday, Foo Fighters headlined a set at the Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland. During their performance there, frontman Dave Grohl called his daughter up on stage to play the drums.

8-year old Harper Grohl performed with his dad’s famous band as they covered Queen’s We Will Rock You.

Grohl introduced his daughter and told the crowd that she had recently asked to learn to play the drums. He continued; “And I said, ‘Do you want want me to teach you?’ She said, ‘Yes.’ And then I said, ‘Do you want to get up in front of 20,000 people in Iceland and play?’ And she said, ‘Yes.’”

Queen‘s ‘We Will Rock You’  was the first song Harper learned to play on drums. Watch her play it live in front of 20,000 people.

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