Emma Watson offers life advice

A kid even asked the actress “how to be a good boyfriend”!

Back in Valentine’s Day, Emma Watson, the 26-year old Beauty and the Beast star, appeared on a tablet screen in New York City’s Grand Central Station giving life advice to strangers for a cost of $2 (100 Pesos).

Excited passers-by captured the moment on Twitter, with one fan enthusing, 'I just "ran" into Emma Watson at Grand Central giving advice for $2 through an iPad booth… #welcometoNY #keepitwierd #emmawatson (sic)'.

Watson was carried around by writer Derek Blasberg in a makeshift booth. It was supposed to be part of a “secret project”, that later turns out to be for a charity cause called Planned Parenthood.Blasberg carried Emma Watson around the station in a tablet, which allowed strangers to ask Watson “anything”.

Some folks asked her some relationship advice and some folks just wanted to say hi. Watch the Beauty and the Beast star give life advice below.
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