Bastille I Don't Want To Miss A Thing

The guys who made the hit Pompeii have recreated everyone’s favorite 90’s rock ballad hit.

Bastille is one of those under-the-radar bands who’s still going strong but most people only recognize as the band who made the 2013 hit Pompeii.

The UK band is still making songs today. Just recently they dropped by Dermot O’Leary’s BBC Radio 2 show and performed two songs, one a new single (Glory) and the other a cover of Aerosmith’s smash 90s hit I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing. Listen to the song below.

Talking to the radio host about the band’s rise to fame, frontman Dan Smith said that while he loved playing at Glastonbury music festival in 2016, he prefers playing small venues.

I love those shows. That’s where we started out. We did one last year under a different name in a tiny little venue, and it was brilliant. It was sweaty, and I like spending as much of the gig as possible not on the stage.”

He’s right. Playing a stadium song like I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing in a small venue makes the song more intimate than it already was. Listen to them perform the Aerosmith hit in a tiny radio booth below.

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