smartphones can be hacked by listening to music

A recent report suggest that attackers can use sound to hack your devices!

A recent report from the computer security scientists of University of Michigan and University of South Carolina reveal that a number of your electronic devices – smartphones, laptops, tablets, even cars - could be susceptible to being hacked whenever you use it to listens to music.

The research found that MEMS accelerometers – the motion-sensing chip that can be found in many electronic devices – could be hacked using sound waves, with one example being the uploading of a “malicious” music file onto a device.

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The researchers demonstrated their findings by tricking a Fitbit, an electronic activity tracker, into counting thousands of false steps. While the researchers admit this technique doesn't represent a significant security risk, the work more broadly highlights issues with trusting hardware sensors whose outputs can influence autonomous systems by giving false readings to a device's microprocessors.

Researchers found that they could hack 75% of the 20 accelerometer chips they tested. Find out more about the study in the below video from the University of Michigan.
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