Abba drummer Ola Brunkert found dead

The drummer reportedly fell off, but how did he end up with a cut on his throat?

Ola Brunkert was the drummer of the Swedish pop group ABBA. In 2008, nine years ago today, Brunkert was found dead with his throat cut in an apparent accident at his home on the island of Majorca, Spain. Brunkert was 62 years old.

Police investigating the death of Brunkert believe he may have fallen through a glass door in his kitchen wounding his neck on a shard of glass.

"A glass door in the kitchen of the house was shattered and it appears that this man fell through the door. He then managed to get out into the garden where he died," the police reported.

Mr Brunkert lived alone and there was no sign of a break in. "All the indications are that this was a tragic accident.

Brunkert had played on every ABBA album and had toured with the group for many years.

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