Pharrell’s disappointed response to embarrassing slip-up

What do you do if a reporter incorrectly names your movie?

Pharrell Williams was subjected to an embarrassing flub during the Golden Globe Awards when a red carpet reporter got the name of his film wrong.

Williams was nominated for the Best Original Score for his work on the soundtrack to Hidden Figures. (he lost to Justin Hurwitz La La Land by the way). During the red carpet event, NBC correspondent Jenna Bush Hager – daughter of former President George W. Bush – went up to Pharrell, and instead of saying Hidden Figures, she asked him about his work on “Hidden Fences”, an apparent confusion of Hidden Figures and another nominated film with a primarily black cast, Fences.

Watch a clip of Williams’ reaction to the slip-up below.

In the viral clip, Pharrell doesn't correct Jenna. Instead, he just stays quiet as his eyes drift in a different direction. After the show, Jenna took to Instagram and acknowledged the moment. "The show was LIVE...wild...some mistakes made but, I had a blast.”

The musician in return, accepted Jenna’s apology by posting this tweet.

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