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I am quite sure a lot have written about the elegant little spot located at Paseo Saturnino, Maria Luisa Road.

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If you thought Cebu was all about luxury beaches and hotels then this article will prove you wrong.

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This island may have experienced the hottest summer so far that the search for the coldest and most delicious drink has become a crucial part of the everyday lifestyle.

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Never has a truck-load of BS sound so appetizing.

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When visiting the south of Cebu, make sure you stop by Argao to taste their delicious Torta.

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It was a first time for me.

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Interested in butterflies? Who would have known that a lot of butterflies live in a sanctuary located at Basak, Pardo?

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An artistic disposition is a quality that everyone seems to have.

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If you are looking for the best petshop there is in the city of Cebu, then we highly recommend you Piper’s Petshop. 

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I am not much of a lover for Italian food but when I tasted Michelangelo’s food, I was instantly addicted.