Dayhiking in Cebu
Commuting Around Cebu

kadaugan sa mactan

Celebrate victory will a feast of gastronomic goodness!

Pintos Festival at Bogo

2016 04 16 cebu cebu best banner

You just gotta love your own.


Here's to one of the beautiful parts of Cebu's retail district.

2016 03 27 cebus best kawasan falls banner

Bring out the daredevil in you!

Best of Balamban

There's more to the Ship Building Capital of the Philippines!


Better make sure your five-hour trip will be worth it!


It's time to ditch that crowded Starbucks branch you've grown tired of.

puso cebu best

Get to know more behind Cebu's street food symbol!

Cebu Island Hopping

February has ended and we can't help but fantasize about the beach.