This municipality doesn't get enough credit so let's look into the southernmost tip of our beloved province!

First things first, Santander is most especially loved by beach lovers and divers as it offers a lot of white-sand beaches and great diving spots. Santander is also the place where locals and travelers can go when they are bound for Negros Oriental. Santander is named after a city which is in the northern coast of Spain.

Going There
Take a bus at the South Bus Terminal and you're in for a 3 to 4 hour-long trip. The fare retails between P 160-185. Using your own car is sweet too- you get to enjoy the view of the south at your own pace.

What's There to Love

Personally, as you go further into the south it's like a transition from modern times to the yesteryears. You will notice around the area that Santander is still encapsulated in time. Ancestral homes and establishments have been preserved well and you'll see a touch of Cebu's earliest times under the Spanish influence. Go to the Municipal Hall's Tourism Office and they can guide you around Santander. There's also the Liloan Baluarte situated a few meters from Pebbles Beach Resort. This baluarte or watchtower was built during the 17th century as a lookout for pirate vessels. Santander, like all the coastal towns in Cebu South, suffered from piratical attacks which have cost a number of villagers to lose their properties.

Cheapest Beaches and Resorts Within Liloan Ports

Three of the four ports in Santander going to Negros Oriental is in Brgy. Liloan. You can choose the mode of transportation you like: barge/ship, fast craft, or pump-boat. Puerto Del Sur has the Pebble Beach Resort. There's a whirlpool a couple of meters from the Puerto Del Sur straight so if you're a beach baby, this is a sweet treat! Other beach resorts include Eden Resort, Albion Seaside Resort, Bonga Villa Beach Resort, and Marine Villa Dive House.

So if you're southbound, do at least make Santander a part of your side trips.See you in our next Cebu's Best post!

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