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Everyone knows where the Cebu Provincial Capitol is located. Most of us even pass it by every day. But only a few notices a hill hidden just behind the Capitol Site. A hill where an eerie-looking mansion lies on top. That pink mansion is often called the “House on the Hill”, or the Villalon Mansion named after one of the city’s most prominent families who used to live there.

According to legend, the Villalon Mansion, especially in the 50’s and the 60’s, used to host lavish parties and accepted a bevy of visitors inside the halls. However, during the 90’s, the descendants of the family relocated abroad. Now the pink mansion has been abandoned and is now off-limits to outsiders. Only a few caretakers have access inside the premises.

Like any abandoned building, entities not like us would occupy in our place. Residents near the Villalon Mansion reportedly said they would often spot a lady in white looking out from one of the windows and stare at the streets. Other stories claim the white lady would be heard singing an old-fashioned melody, especially during a full moon. Some also report unusual noises and sightings in the place especially at night.

My sister’s husband claims he used to be friends with the descendants of the house. He said he was invited to sleep over at the Villalon mansion back in the 90’s and that he noticed nothing unusual. However, spooky stories still remain to be tied up with the “house on the hill”. Residents near the area still attest that strange things do indeed happen there especially at night.

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