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Known as the Heritage City of Cebu, Carcar is famous for its centuries old buildings from the Spanish to the American eras. One of the must-see structures in the town is the historical 17th century St. Catherine Church which is the second oldest church in Metro Cebu (behind only to the Basilica Minore Del Santo Niño).


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In Carcar town you can also find the Carcar Rotunda, the Villadolid Watchtower and several old houses that are being restored. One such house is those belonging to the Sanchez family, which is ten years older than the church in Carcar.

Another interesting place to go are the three caves in Barangay Mainit. Inside the caves, you can see broken statues of Jesus Christ, and other statues of saints and of crosses dispersed all over the area. The presence of these statues was due to Imelda Marcos’ plan to transform these caves into a shrine, but it didn’t happen. The statues were brought by helicopters, but in the process of transporting, some of the icons fell, breaking some of its parts, while the others remained intact. These caves are said to be explored by local healers and mystics during Holy Week.

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