Ancient Cebuanos used genital jewelryImage Source:

We all know the story of how Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan discovered Cebu island back in the 16th century. He brought along with him Antonio Pigafetta who recorded everything in his diary what he saw. He noted that Cebuanos back then had pieces of jewelry adorned on their genitals.

Pigafetta wrote that 16th century Cebuanos had their "penis pierced from one side to the other near the head, with gold or tin bolt as large as a goose quill. In both ends of the same bolt, some have what resembles a spur, with points upon the ends; others are like the head of a cart nail... in the middle of the bolt is a hole, through which they urinate".

According to several historical accounts, the Philippines is believed to have been part of the Majapahit Empire whose people practiced Tantrism; a belief that sexuality is a doorway to the divine. That means that Ancient Cebuanos (those belonging in the Pre-Hispanic era) also practiced the rituals and traditions Tantrism was known for - which explains why the Cebuanos used to decorate their private parts with painful bolts.

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