Colon Night Market

Mayor Tomas Osmeña might cancel the Colon Night Market due to traffic concerns.

Cebu City is just a bite sized Manila and the Colon Night Market is just another chaotic, smelly market, like Manila’s Divisoria more or less. It has lots of cheap chinese goods and poor quality clothing. Various supermarkets that sell cheap products goods for souvenirs - key chain, t-shirts, handicrafts – all for a fairly cheap price.


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There are also tons of street food that are pretty good and very cheap, if you’re brave enough to eat near the sewage. Lol


Colon の night market で食べあるき〜❤️

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The Colon Night Market is a program that was started by former Mayor Mike Rama in 2007. It was designed to bring back the old glory of the country’s oldest street, Colon Street, established in 1565.

(The street was named after explorer Christopher Columbus’s Spanish name, Cristóbal Colón)

Colon Street used to be the center of trade, commerce and industry decades ago. So to revitalize the street, Mayor Rama opened the Colon Night Market in 2007 right after the ASEAN summit was held in the city.

The nightly operations usually start at 6:30 in the evening. By then the Night Market traders have set up shop and are allowed to display and sell various items and products up until 2 o’clock dawn. At least a hundred shops open night by night.

The Colon Night Market is conducted four times yearly. It is held every month of January as part of the Sinulog celebration, every middle of the month of May to the month of June as part of the Opening of the Classes and Cebu Business Month, every month of August in time of Ramadan and every middle of November until December for the Christmas celebration.



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Last week, Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña announced that he will not allow the traders to occupy the Colon Street for the night market activity due to traffic congestion.

Osmeña cancelled the dry-run for the night market and said that the City cannot allow Colon Street to be used again. He asked for proposals to relocate the night market, but it will only beat the purpose of why the night market was held in Colon street in the first place.

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