Cebu’s Best Museum: Museo Sugbo

Peruse through the rich history of Cebu. From pre-colonial era, World War II and to the history of Cebuano journalism. A must visit even for non-tourists!

Museo Sugbo has been awarded “Best Museum” by Sun Star’s Best of Cebu 2015. It is a museum maintained by the Cebu Provincial Government, it’s a must visit for history fans and even for non-tourists. It’s a great place for Cebuanos to appreciate the province’s rich history.

Formerly the Cebu Provincial Jail, Museo Sugbu houses a wide range of historical artifacts and collections related to Cebu. It contains collections from the Pre-Colonial era of Cebu (or the Rajahnate of Cebu 1200-1565), the Spanish Colonial era, The Katipunan Revolution and American Colonial era, World War 2 artifacts, Cebu Journalism and Journalist gallery, and more!

Since the structure was built during the Spanish colonial period, specifically in 1869, it makes a good setting and adds to the historical feel of the place. The museum was inaugurated in 2008 after the place served as the provincial jail of Cebu since the 1870’s.

Entrance fee per person is very cheap.

So check the museum out!

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